Compassionate, judgment-free, and confidential counseling for individual adults (17+) for these, and other, life challenges:  


Trauma – acute and chronic:
Accidents, attacks, falls
Medical: hospitalizations, surgeries, invasive medical procedures 
Developmental: neglect, abandonment, loss and ongoing abuse
War, combat, assault, natural disasters Acute Stress Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
Witnessing horrific events
Past abuse– sexual, emotional and physical
Childhood wounds
Unexplained physical symptoms/pain
Highly Sensitive/Intuitive People
Overwhelming emotions 
Excessive worry/Rumination/Intrusive thoughts
Shame/Guilt Adult children of narcissistic parents
Personal/Spiritual growth and development
Stress management
Emotional regulation
Boundaries Lack of self esteem and feelings of unworthiness

Complementary 30 minute consultation

$150 for a 60 minute Individual session

$220 for a 90 minute Individual session

Cash, checks, and all major credit cards (including most HSA cards) are accepted.

Please be aware that I do not take insurance, but upon request will provide you  with a Superbill for possible out of network reimbursement or application toward your deductible.  Kindly contact your insurance provider for your plan details.  

Due to Colorado Mental Health laws, I cannot treat clients who have Medicaid benefits.